Patty With Eggplant

3 eggplants
1 onion
1 charleston pepper
1 tomato
5 yufka
3 eggs
Half a tea cup oil
1 tea cup of milk
Service Recommendation: Berrak Cabbage Pickle




Stand 3 pieces eggplant, which half peeled and cut into cubes, in salt water until you prepare other ingredients. Roast 1 onion thoroughly.
Then continue to roast by adding 1 charleston pepper, 1 tomato and eggplant .
Open each of 5 yufka and spread the mixture which stirred egg, oil and milk on each of them.
Then fold the two opposing sides of the yufka and spread again the mixture to the dry sides. Then fold the other edges and get a square. Divide these squares into equal pieces and get 4 smaller squares and Put the prepared eggplant in the middle parts and close it in pack shape.
Bake them 170 degrees untel thoroughly be toasted in the oven you have preheated.
It’s ready to serve with Berrak Cabbage Pickle…