Vegetable Meat In The Oven


1 kg veal
4 onions
5 potatoes
4 carrots
500 gr tomato or 1 coffee finned tomato paste
1/2 coffee cup of flour
1 bay leaf
3 tablespoon olive oil
4 black pepper
Service Recommendation: Berrak Cucumber Pickle
Meat baking time: 1 hour


Cover the meat with flour that is less salty. Put the olive oil to pan, place the meat which covered with flour top and put the pan in the oven which is medium heat. Turn the meat around and fry all over and remove it from the oven. Add black papper, bay leaf, 2 cup of water and cover with a cap. Bake for 1 hour by turning. After the end of this time, scrape and wash the chopped carrots, pickled and sliced potatoes, divided into 4 pieces of onions and put them in. After the meat and vegetables are cooked, take the beef from the fire. Remove the meat from the pot and take it to the serving tray, remove the vegetables and align them around the meat and keep the plate in a warm place. Put 1 tablespoon flour, tomato which is peeled, extracted seed, chopped or 1 tablespoon tomato paste diluted in water, salt and 2 cup of water to remaining water of meat in the pot then put the pot on fire. Cook the tomato paste until it comes to its consistency. Take it from the fire and pour it on the meat.
Serve with Berrak Cucumber Pickle.