Fresh Herbed Artichoke Cups

Fresh Herbed Artichoke Cups Ingredients

4 pieces of artichokes
4 pieces of bowl artichokes
1 onion - edible with chopped
2 oranges
½ cups of olive oil
White pepper

Materials for Inside

4-5 fresh onions
½ grapefruit parsley
7-8 sheets of fresh mint

How is it done?

Put the olive oil in the pot, add the onion and lightly fry. Place artichokes in pots. Squeeze the oranges and add the water. Take a piece of orange flesh and put it in a pot. Add salt, white pepper and water and leave to cook.

Chop fresh onion, parsley, dill and nail thinly.

Take the dishes of fired artichokes to the serving tray. Put fresh greens in the center and cover the artichoke cups with the handle. Tilt the remaining water over and serve it cold.


Source: ardaninmutfağ