Patty With Yoghurt


300 grams mince
1 medium onion
Liquid oil
Half a glass of milk
1 yufka
1 egg yolk
1 clove garlic
1 water glass of yogurt
2 tablespoons tomato paste
Red pepper flakes
Salt, Black pepper
For service: Berrak Pepper Pickles


Roasting 300 grams ground beef and 1 medium onion in oil. Add salt and black pepper on it. Put enough water to cover it. Add oil to pot when the ground beef absorbed water.
Spread a yufka on the table. Spread half a glass of milk and half a glass of liquid oil mixture on it and divide the yufka 4 pieces with the knife.
Put the boiled ground beef on the large part of the triangular piece and roll it. Then give the rose shape by turning the roller around itself. Performing same procedure to all the yufkas aline them to lubricated baking tray.
Mix a spoonful of oil and egg yolk and spread over the pastries.
Bake them 180-200 degrees in the oven you have preheated. After your pastries are cooked, prepare a yoghurt with garlic in a bowl and pour over them. Finally add roasted red pepper and tomato paste with butter.
You can eat with Berrak Pepper Pickle.