Our Nutrition Habits That Cause Cancer (Prof. Dr. Kenan Demirkol)

Arranged a meeting about ‘’Our Nutrition Habits That Cause Cancer’’ in Istanbul Sultangazi and made a speech by Prof. Dr. Kenan Demirkol.

"OIL" and "SUGAR"

If the animal feeds with 100% greenery in the grassland, If it never gets any other foreign food, that butter is the best oil in the world. It's better than olive oil. But the butter you buy from the market that is the oil of the animals fed on the stall, fed with beetroot, corn silage or other cereals…

You need to look at what you eat to protect your health. Here is one of the main mistakes to choose fat.
We are bound to be sick as long as we eat sunflower oil, corn oil, margarine or industrial butter.
Olive oil, butter here we have two oils. One, olive oil; Two, butter made from 100% pasture milk. So where do we put the nut oil? Look within this list the fatty acid content of the nut oil, So the basic fat composition is very close to the olive oil. It's not a sicklily fat. But you're barking olive, you're getting oil. You crush the nut, you mash it, you heat it 80 degrees, if you add ether, you get the oil. Which one is preferred? Olive oil, of course. So you do not have a world where you put the nut oil home. If you can not tolerate the taste of olive oil then you can use refined olive oil. It is obtained with the same method as that of hazelnut oil. So non-market value, very dark, fragrant olive oil is sent to the factory. They are heated to 70-80 degrees Celsius; Then the ether is added; Oil is obtained. At the first stage refined olive oil is obtained. There is no odor, no taste. If you add 5% extra virgin olive oil to this refined olive oil, then you will have obtained olive oil of the riviera type. You see in the markets, it is a factory oil; It is not mixed with sunflower. Its Pure olive oil. But do you know why is it absent? Extra virgin olive oil is present in the absence of antioxidants. Because oxidation, or rusting, is the main factor in all of our illnesses.

How do you leave the iron in open air its rusty in the rain, But what do we do, we paint a so-called antipas not to rust.
Our bodies also have antipasks.
We call these antioxidants.
Antioxidants are mainly obtained from fruits and vegetables. Olive oil is very rich in antioxidants and protects against heart diseases due to antioxidants. But when we warm it up, when we get refined olive oil, it loses these elements to a large extent. Therefore, we should use extra virgin olive oil as much as possible and our children need to get used to this taste.
 When we summarize the first choice of oil before passing on the second basic error, there is a description of the frying with a olive oil Evliya Çelebi's travels in Trabzon. You knew it on this land 500 years ago. But we have forgotten the truth with external influences and drifted into wrongs. Those mistakes lead us to diseases. It grows only in the mediterranean region in the world. Now we are trying to grow olive trees in Argentina, China. We are in its land. Olive oil is being used in this land for 5,000 years. Let's go back to our self.

 Granulated sugar: The second big mistake is sugar. If you look at the history of humanity in our lives, sugar is a very new phenomenon.
Well, Is sugar a nutrient? İts not.
Because how do we describe the food stuff? We call the foodstuffs that the physical and mental functions of man and to multiply, so the generation needed to sustain material. Sugar, is it necessary for a person to perform any function?

Yes. The brain works with glucose.
The spinal cord works with glucose.
The erythrocytes we call red blood cells are working with glucose.
It's using glucose as an energy source.

Do you see a person who gets sugar from the outside and smarter? Or the sperm is using fructose as an energy source. Did you see that eating fruit and a more wonderful man.
Çünkü; The body itself produces that not only glucose but also fructose that the person needs. There's no need to get it from the outside. So when we eat sugar
we only eat for our palate pleasure altogether. We have no physical need.
So it's called empty calories. I mean, the calories we took out unnecessarily. So today, look at what you ate in the last week, how much empty calories did you get? Very ... Why? ... To be sick, It just contributed that be sick. In addition, the candy obtained from the bean was recently left aside; The candy obtained from corn started to be used so that it is cheaper. Corn syrup is richer than fructose. Unfortunately, there is no obligation for different sugars to be named differently in our food regulation. with understanding sugar is sugar. Whether starch-based sugar, that is, whether it is sugar from corn starch or sugar beet sugar, It is enough to write sugar on all of them.

Whereas, Corn syrup is richer than fructose which is obtained from corn, even if the same amount is in calories 46% more fat than normal sugar. Especially it causies abdominal fat lubrication. This has been scientifically proven.

One of the most respected universities in the world, I would like to tell you by borrowing the word of a faculty member of a technical college in America ‘’ The age we live in is academic capitalism.’’ So we are the age that as a result of capital owners purchase the academicians so that they told academicians what they wanted to share with society. That is the age of sold people. We are in the age of sold scientists.
The third is liver fattening. But what kind of liver fattening. non-alcoholic fattening. That's why we call it non-alcoholic liver fattening. And non-alcoholic liver fattening is caused by a special type of cirrhosis. A special type of cirrhosis is called cryptogenic cirrhosis that is Atatürk's cirrhosis is dead. In the United States, it has been reported that cryptogenic cirrhosis is the result of three times more liver cancers in the last three decades. As a result, corn syrup is the cause of liver cancer in America, which has seen more than three quatties in the past 30 years. This is so clear that our ministry says no scientific evidence can be presented in the statement yesterday. I have done this by violating a seventeen-page report that I wrote using 110 scientific publications. I sent them 17-page report. I also added 110 literatures. But the powers in neoliberalism are the power of the capital; the power of the citizen is not. citizen is not a power ...
Please keep your children away from corn syrup. Keep them away from sugar, but especially waffles, biscuit cakes.. Make a little sugar cake at home instead of outsourcing. So do not offer a packaged product for your children.

Corn syrup today in food industry only and only unless otherwise stated corn syrup is used. It is used in the ice cream, even the syrup of the baklava you bought is from corn syrup. In Kartal It has its factory. It is a factory that Ülker and Cargill companies share. Even the baklava syrup comes from there. If you are going to have something sweet for your children, please do it yourself at home and make as little candy as possible. Because sugar is harmful. So he amount of sugar a person can consume in the day without harm is around 30 grams.

30 grams, 8 cutting sugar. But in this sugar, unfortunately, there is fruit, honey, so if you eat a sweet spoon of honey for breakfast, you have fallen to seven. Consider this your rights predominantly as fruit. If you have not eaten sugar today, have not eaten honey, have not put any sugar in your tea, and there is no other sugar source, you can eat 8 shredded sugar equivalent 300 grams of orange or 300 grams of apples or 400 grams of cherries or cherries or 100 grams of bananas, figs or grapes. But it's only 100 grams.
You can eat unlimited vegetables, but you need a limited amount of fruit. The excess of the fruit is also fattening. And it is harmful, it makes the liver fattening. So even if the fruit alone, both fatty liver and abdominal fat can make obesity. Abdominal fat is a very special place. The fats around the internal organs around the bowel are hormonal active fat and these hormone-active oils are unfortunately also effective in the formation of cancer and in the formation of cardiovascular disease. So its an equal obesity that is arms and legs are equal on all sides but your abdomen has not grown. I have no objection to this obesity.
Abdominal type obesity equals diabetes, heart disease, cancer.

So the belly will descend. We do not have a chance to be healthy as long as the belly do not go down. We will stay away from sugar to lower the navel. Because the most abdominal type is the fructose that makes obesity. Half of the sugar beet we eat is fructose. Half of the sugar we eat is fructose. Half of the fructose we eat is fruit sugar. We have to reduce fructose. If you want to get rid of abdominal type obesity, consequently diseases like heart disease, cancer, stroke our belly will go down.

- What do you think about the brown sugar?
- Look, all the sugars are dark. Caramelized in the production phase. That's it brunette but when it is washed, the caramel on it is thrown, it gets whiter as refined. So the dark sugar you said is the previous step in the production of white sugar you've eaten. It's just a commercial trap. A commercial trap to sell a higher price...

In other words, without any problems, the life of the person can continue with that. However, part of it can be converted to fatty liver inflammation, provided that the malnutrition continues. However, part of it can be converted to fatty liver inflammation, provided that the malnutrition continues. Alcoholic fatty liver inflammation is the name of this disease. Severe liver failure, cirrhosis is the liver cancer stage. Sometimes, without fatty liver inflammation, some diseases can occur only in the fatty liver stage but if you have fatty liver there are two ways in front of you; One way to survive a relatively your life the other is death. So you should treat your liver fat. On the basis of this, you are completely zero the sugar. But within a period of two years you can recover...

When we talk about loaf sugar In terms of liver fattening, then we need to leave the starch. Because starch, when we chew in our mouth, turns into spit-like glycoside. It is sugar; That is, starch is sugar.
Does cholesterol have any interest in liver fattening?

- Without cholesterol, life will not happen. The raw material of all our hormones is cholesterol. Because of that, cholesterol is high in mother's milk. In order to produce the child's hormones, he needs cholesterol from his mother at first. Cholesterol is an innocent substance. But if it is oxidized it will turn into oxicolesterole and makes the arteries hard.

What is the oxidizer? Sugar After the cholesterol is consumed, the sugar turns into triglyceride. One It is fat and it triggers the arteries by oxidizing cholesterol from triglycerides. Two trans fatty acids obtained from sunflower oil, corn oil or margarine oxide cholesterol And thus arteriosclerosis occurs. Three, the animals fed with artificial food, have suet in the milk. There are saturated fatty acids constructive arterial stiffness, they oxidize cholesterol and make us sick.

Now if the animal is in the middle of the pasture and using sunflower oil, corn oil, margarine; if you reduce sugar, You do not have the chance of getting your veins stiff. Whatever your cholesterol is. But this information does not work for American companies that produce cholesterol medication. Only from selling cholesterol drugs per year They're getting $ 50 billion.

So what does American medicine tell us?
Saying that give cholesterol drug. There is a fact reflected in the newspapers. How our Ministry of Health has established a scientific committee, In America, such a scientific committee was established and "What is normal cholesterol level?" asked to answer the question of science board. And its a value well below normal, for example; 200 are accepted Normally, but they suggested a value of 150. It turned out that nine of the 9 faculty members in the scientific committee were bribed by pharmaceutical companies.

- What kind of oil should I use in my fry?
- Definitely olive oil, definitely.
- So, is the olive oil burning grade higher than sunflower oil?
- 240 degrees, much higher than sunflower oil. -The heat of the tray is slightly less than 180 degrees under normal conditions. So you can use olive oil easily, But when you use extra virgin olive oil in the technical jargon called smokehouse, you will see smoke at a much lower rate. It's water vapor. It is water vapor, and some organic substances are burning, flavor substances taste substances burn. Because of that, it does not mean that the oil is burning. Do not be mistaken. The oil is not burning. There are some smells and colors in it. It's an oil that lasts up to 240 degrees...

The teacher, seeing that a listener drinks water from the pet bottle…
- Now you can see what you get with the water you drink and keep this meeting closed. It is made of polyethylene terephthalate so the stalks in the pet bottle are mixed into the water. Also to soften that plastic a heavy metal called antimony is used. It is also involved in the water So you have both stalat and antimony.

What do they do to you?
These are called hormone disruptors. It causes some hormonal disorders in your body. Some of these hormonal disorders, for example, show the effect of estrogen, It causes children to see menstruation at 5 years old. They brought a child two and a half years old and the girl had been menstruation.
When a pregnant woman receives a hormonal disruptor that acts as estrogen, that substance especially In these 19-liter canisters they are a plastic called polycarbonate and as a raw material is produced from a material called Bisphenol-A.

Bisphenol-A has been known for breast cancer since 1930 and in the case of 130 scientific publications, we are still condemned to drink water from these bins. When Bisphenol-A goes to the center of gender discrimination in the brain of a pregnant woman's womb, The chances of the child becoming homosexual are greatly increased. The risk of breast cancer is very high, The risk of prostate cancer in men is 3 times higher than in people who are not normally in contact with it. So drink tap water for the love of god.

- Purifiers teacher?
- If you have money, use a purifier. But you do not have money, you can not get a refiner, for tap water. The tap water you use in Istanbul is 100 times better, whichever water you use.

Tap water İSKİ's health reports of all water basins in Istanbul are published on the internet every month. We had a water program on NTV last year. And NTV, has sent bacteriological examinations to the waters to Yildiz Technical University, they collected from the market. Microbes all come out. All in all without exception. You want water in order that be healthy, be clean My child is drinking germ-free water but you drink the micro-juice with your money. I gave up microphones, making cancer. In January last year in Germany, European Union has food safety center claimed Bisfenol_A that it was not a health hazard By January 2010. But in May, the community said we would investigate this and they banned the use of Bisphenol-A in bottles in october. Ok, you forbade it in the feeding bottle, Do not add water from the Bisphenol-A water bottle to the child when preparing the mousse? Bisphenol-A's water uptake is greatly increased by the repeated use of the plastic with the effect of heat and time.
Now you will say that the water is not warm. A study in Arizona found that the water in the truck warmed up to 80 degrees during intercity water transport. Do you know how much material is dissolved from that plastic in water that warms up to 80 degrees?

İts enough to get cancer you and your dynasty.
How many levels of water in the open air in Antalya in summer?
You can not even make the bathroom so hot. Please use tap water. Leave the plastics.
Teacher, we put some food in plastic bags and throw it in the ice. Is this also inconvenient?
- Now look, nylon foil is a substance called polyethylene, and polyethylene has not been detected as a health hazard until this day. The bigger problem is the yoghurt pots.

For example, sometimes we drink tea, such as foam cups, or when we get on the plane, there are transparent glass-shaped plastic cups that break like polystryne and polystryne and polystryne cups that are like polystryne stryne tea with them and they are doing cancer.

Now in plastic yogurt containers, I think some of the companies are starting to use polypropylene. When we look under the cabin or when you look at its the side, you will see a triangle. a triangle consisting of three arrows.

This is an indication of recycling. There is a number in that triangle. Number 5 is polypropylene, Underneath it already writes PP. When you buy yogurt, make your choice according to the plastic you are using, not the brand. Unfortunately, when I go to buy every yogurt, the same firm can send different plastics to different markets. They send common plastic to cheaper markets but they send better quality plastics to markets in luxury districts. What a pain. So they are discriminating.

So teacher, does it need 5 writings in triangle?
- Yes polypropylene
- 1.5 liter water bottles writing 1.
- Yeah, that's PET polyethylene terephthalate, bad, number one is bad. Look under the 19-liter canisters at home. writed İts under 7.
7 means other plastics. There are 6-7 different plastics in other plastics. One of them is polycarbonate, and for it there is PC abbreviation under the triangle

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