The Incredible Benefit of the Capers

It has been learned that capers, due to it contains the flavonoid, neutralize substances that cause various diseases by harming the cells.

Gazi University Gazi Education Faculty Department of Chemistry Education Member Prof.Dr. İbrahim Uslu said that Caper is the world's foremost food containing flavonoid that neutralize body-damaging substances.

Uslu emphasized that the amount of quercetin and kaemperefol in the capers is much more than garlic, ‘’ The flavonoid in the capers neutralize the substances which are called free radicals with antioxidant activities and damaging the cells. It has a protective effect against heart diseases with strong antioxidant effect. It prevents the multiplication of cancerous cells " said.

Uslu pointed out that the studies show that flavonoids reduce the lung cancer rate by 50 percent and prevent the proliferation of tumor cells. ‘’

It is especially beneficial for cancer patients because it increases the platelet count, that is, it is the antitumor effect. It is useful for blood disorders. It's the blood maker. Patients with problems with blood should definitely use it. It is the greatest friend of the liver and it is recommended that the liver patients should definitely use it especially fatty liver. It regulates liver function and is useful in spleen growth. It is incredibly useful in MS disease. It is good for stomach ulcers. It increases sexual power in serious amounts. It regulates the digestive system. It is a diuretic, lower the worm and parasite. It is good for rheumatism disorders. It protects from stroke, used in scurvy disease. It is fenefit for gout and hemorrhoid patients. Like the bay, the capari is also a menses regulator" he said.

Uslu stated that especially in Tekirova region in Antalya, the capers can be found in all the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, sold pickles made from the it’s bud at the market, That the pickle is made from its fruit and that it is more valuable than the one made from the bud.




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