Easy digestion natural ramie in Ramadan: Turnip Juice

The most important raw materials of purple carrot turnip juice is a vitamini store indicating that the Internal Medicine Expert Professor. Dr. Mesut Başak, said that you drink the intestines and renew the cells.
Indicating that turnip water has a positive effect on health, Professor of Internal Diseases. Dr. Mesut Başak said that you drink is an important source of antioxidants.

"Turnip juice plays a very important role in the toxin attack," Prof. According to Virgo, turnip water does not end up counting the benefits. Here are the effects of Prof. Başak's evaluation of turnip juice and body:

"Purple carrots used in the production of turnip juice, turnip spinach, little salt, bulgur yeast and bitter ornamental peppers open appetite, putting toxins in your body, facilitating digestion. Turnip juice, which contains vitamins of group B, useful for stomach and liver, is very rich in calcium and potassium and has aphrodisiac properties. It runs the intestines very well and ensures that you can get out at least once a day. Turnip juice helps people overweight and relieves stress. There is zero sugar in the turnip juice, which is also a cell renewal feature. Particularly this year Ramadan Ramadan with the short time between the iftar and sahur because of the food, before or after the meal with a two glasses of turnip juice digestion accelerated digestive system with the effect of facilitation. During the fermentation of the turnip, the natural bulgur yeast put in for the production of turnip juice slices the whole sugar in the turnip and thus the sugar contained in the turnip juice is zero. Turnip juice, a natural drink that can easily be consumed by diabetics, is an extremely low-calorie drink. High blood pressure patients and pregnant women should pay attention to the rate of consumption of turnip juice. If you take half a liter of turnip juice, you will only get 15 calories. On the other hand, the calcium element contained in abundant quantities has the benefit of accelerating the metabolism, so the answer to the question "Will the turnip weaken the water?" Is definitely yes.

WARNING: Due to high salt amount, do not drink excessively. Might raise blood pressure.


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