CI 19140 Food yellow 4, Acid yellow 23.

Source: Synthetic azo paint.

Function & Features: Yellow food coloring. Very soluble in water.

Acceptable daily intake: 7.5 mg / kg over body weight.

Side effects: Tartrazine is an azo dye. There is no known side effect of pure tartrazine except people with intolerance to salicylates (aspirin, mulberry, fruit); because of this, it causes even tartrazine intolerance symptoms. As a result of combinations with benzoates (E210-215), tartrazine constitutes a large percentage of ADHD syndrome (hyperactivity) cases in children. Following consumption of tartrazine, like asthma symptoms were observed, known as histamine releasing agent.

Limitations on use: None; It can be consumed by all religious groups, vegetarians who not eating only meat and vegetarians who do not eat milk or milk products as well as meat.

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