The Benefits of Pickles

It has been determined that pickles, an integral part of the Turkish culinary culture, is also an important function in terms of health. It is known that pickle juice has an appetizing feature. It has been determined that pickles are protective against from cancer to flu. Experts say that unlike what is known, pickles are not stomach enemy but friendly. Pickles that are made more than 100 kinds of vegetables and fruits were found complete natural healing resource. Experts say that every kind of pickled vegetables and fruits produced in our country and imported from abroad have very important functions in terms of health.

• According to the researches, cabbage pickles; It has been found that it prevents ulcer cancer, vascular occlusions with heart and nervous system, heartburn.
• Hot Frenk Pepper is also good for flu and cold.
• The pickle made from green plum has an appetizing feature.
• Garlic pickles prevent the proliferation of cancer cells.
• Pickled beets prevent anemia and facilitate digstion.

Dr. Ozdemir Akay, like other specialist doctors, said that cancer patients could heal by eatting pickles: ‘’Pickle is drug of cancer.’’ Pointing out that anyone can apply this treatment in all circumstances, Dr. Akay went on to say: ‘’ The mainstay of this treatment is based on the body mechanism to produce energy with acidic foods and beverages. Sour foods like pickles, lemons, quince and pomegranate bring about a burning process on the body to form this energy. Microbes and cancer cells are there to increase the energy of the body. Instead of this, energy needs are eliminated by digesting acid-containing foods. However, this treatment must be continuous. It is possible to defeat not only cancer but all kinds of diseases by eating sour food like pickles. "

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