Turmeric: From the ginger family; it is a perennial plant that is native to eastern India. Turmeric is not raised in our home. The leaves are pointed, the flowers are yellow. A painted substance resembling a saffron is removed. It is used as a spice. The roots are composed of main and side roots, the main root is like tuber-shaped, the side roots are in finger thickness, sweet potato-shaped, outside brownish inside yellow or reddish yellow color. The active ingredient of turmeric is curcuma. At the same time the plant has antiinflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Collection - Hiding: The root of the plant is removed by disrooting, washed, dried for 30-45 minutes, then sun dried.

Turmeric Benefits:
It stimulates nerves.
It is anti-inflammation.
It strengthens stomach.
it shorten recovery time.
it is gas and diuretic.
Turmeric is useful for the liver.
It is useful in diseases like tuberculosis.
It is useful for colds and asthma.
The use of turmeric facilitates digestion.
It releases poisonous substances that accumulate in the body.
It is useful for external skin disorders.
It is used in the treatment of respiratory tract infections.
İt is useful against liver diseases, jaundice and tuberculosis.
Experimental studies have shown that turmeric has cholesterol-reducing effect.
It strengthens the liver and helps remove toxins from the liver.
Among the benefits of turmeric there is against gall bladder and functional diseases of the bile ducts.
It has antioxidant effective. Curcumin has been shown to have a stronger antioxidant effect than vitamins E and C. Curcumin provides protection against cancer and has the ability to prevent tumor cells from multiplying. Research has shown that it can be beneficial for skin, colon and breast cancer. Turmeric has been shown to be of great benefit in the treatment of cystic fibrosis in animal experiments.

How to Use Turmeric?
Parts of turmeric used are fruits. After the dried fruits are pulverized, it can be used as spices or as turmeric tea by boiling in water. Turmeric can be mixed with honey or by adding to foods.

Liver strengthening: Mix 1 gr. turmeric flour to one cup of cold honey syrup and drink 3 cups a day on an empty stomach.

Jaundice: Mix 1 gr. turmeric flour to one cup of cold honey syrup and drink 3 cups a day on an empty stomach.

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