Pickle Juice 250 ml


It is a drink made from the juice of fermented vegetables. The main ingredient of this drink is the natural juices found in the water formed during the fermentation of vegetables known as pickles (usually cucumber, cabbage, pepper, carrot). Pickle juice is prepared by fermenting fermented vegetables with only salt and without mixing them with spices or hot peppers. This drink is especially preferred because it contains healthy probiotics.



It is produced from vegetables grown by our local farmers in BURSA.

The region’s bountiful soil, untouched nature, and unique advantages of the climate give our products a natural taste and unique quality. The deep story behind each of our pickles and the special bond we establish with the soil gain even more meaning thanks to this collaboration that has been going on for years. While each of our vegetables reflects Berrak’s understanding of quality and sustainable agriculture vision, they also support our aim of offering the best products to our consumers.

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