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Greener, Cleaner, Fairer

As Berrak, we are aware of our responsibility to support a future in harmony with nature and society, beyond just offering delicious products. In the food industry, where we have been operating for more than 35 years, we adopt an approach that exceeds consumer expectations and the needs of the world.

Sustainability is at the heart of these goals. We see sustainability as a priority at every step, from the selection of raw materials to optimizing our production processes, from the well-being of our employees to our relationships with local communities. In this regard, we adopt the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a fairer and greener future. We would like to share with you our contributions to a sustainable future, with the understanding of doing the right thing for our consumers and our planet.

Support and Education for Local Farmers

With our belief in soil, labor, and sustainability, we support local farmers in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. With great respect for the labor of our farmers and the values that these lands offer us, we sign seasonal agreements with them and realize production with a purchase guarantee. At the same time, thanks to our local farmer support programs, we contribute to the sustainable development of the region by organizing training on modern agricultural techniques.

Smart Irrigation Technology

It is critical to protect water resources and increase productivity for sustainable agriculture. For this reason, we encourage our farmers in the regions where we produce raw materials to use smart irrigation. Thanks to smart irrigation technology supported by drones, we can make the productivity and quality of both soil and products sustainable. Thus, we both protect our natural resources and guarantee the quality of our products.

Efficient Use of Resources

As Berrak, we supply the tools our farmers need, such as seeds, fertilizer, and construction equipment. This is how we continue our mission of protecting the value we obtain from our fertile lands and transferring it to future generations.

With all these steps, we fulfill our responsibility to nature and the soil while offering you each of our products.

Clean Energy with Solar Power Plant Project

We are taking steps today to support an environmentally friendly future. With the Zeytursan Solar Power Plant Project, we aim to progress under the headings of “Accessible and Clean Energy” and “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” within the framework of “Sustainable Development Goals”. By implementing the Zeytursan SPP (Solar Power Plant) Project, we provide annual energy production of 3,200,000 Kwh. With this project, we reduce carbon emissions by 1,280,000 kg per year and add 106,666 trees to nature.

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source that offers unlimited potential. By utilizing this potential, we reinforce our commitment to a green future with the investments we make and aim to encourage sustainable energy use.

We Adopt the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

As Berrak, we support the vision of a more just, green, and inclusive world, and, in this regard, we are committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We aim to contribute to the construction of a sustainable future by centering these goals in both our way of doing business and our relations with the community.

SDG 2- No Hunger

Providing healthy and nutritious products by keeping food safety standards high and contributing to the general health of society.
Contributing to the average household income by supporting small-scale raw material producers.

SDG 5- Gender Equality

Implementing an equal pay policy for male and female employees
Ensuring the participation of local farmer women in economic life and increasing their rates of regional employment.

SDG 7- Affordable and Clean Energy

Ensuring energy efficiency by using solar panels in factory production processes and realizing clean production by preventing the use of fossil fuels.

SDG 8- Decent Work and Economic Growth

Promoting economic growth by supporting local employment through guaranteed production.
Meeting local farmers’ seed, fertilizer, and construction equipment needs.
Supporting sustainable economic growth through ethical supply chains and fair trade practices.

SDG 13- Climate Action

Combating climate change by adopting carbon footprint reduction strategies and renewable energy sources.
Contributing to the protection of ecosystems through sustainable agricultural practices.

SDG 17- Partnerships for the Goals

Achieving common goals by partnering with other businesses, non-governmental organizations, and governments on sustainability projects in the fields of food and the environment.

Our Green Commitments

Renewable Energy Efficiency

We are proud to implement the Zeytursan SPP (Solar Power Plant) Project within the framework of a vision where we use green energy in our entire production process and produce what we consume.

Carbon Zero Production

Thanks to the solar panels installed on the roof of our factory, which produce 3,200,000 Kwh of energy per year, we reduce carbon emissions by 1,280,000 kg per year and add 106,666 trees to our world.

Local Farmer Support Pack

We ensure that the tools, such as seeds, fertilizers, and work machines needed by local farmers, are provided in the regions where the raw materials are grown. We sign seasonal agreements with our farmers and provide guaranteed production.

Smart Irrigation

We encourage our farmers to use smart irrigation in the regions where we produce raw materials, and we provide seasonal support with drones and smart irrigation technology. In this way, we make both the productivity and quality of the soil and product sustainable.