Pickled White Cabbage 720 ml


Pickled white cabbage, a delicious delicacy prepared by fermenting cabbage leaves, is also very healthy. Pickled white cabbage, which has an important place in traditional Turkish cuisine, offers a refreshing aroma while preserving the natural flavor and texture of cabbage during the fermentation process. Berrak pickled white cabbage, where the traditional pickled white cabbage flavor is combined with Berrak’s unique interpretation, can be a great accompaniment to your meals.



It is produced from vegetables grown by our local farmers in BURSA.

Berrak Pickles, which stands out with its sustainable agricultural practices and environmentally friendly production processes, contributes to the goal of leaving a habitable world for future generations. Moreover, thanks to its innovative approach and continuous development approach, it takes the place it deserves in your homes and on your tables by making traditional flavors compatible with modern life.

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