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Preservation is one of the most effective ways to keep food fresh and healthy for a long time. Berrak continues this tradition in a modern and hygienic way with its pasteurized pickles.

The Power of Pasteurization

Pasteurization is a conservation method developed by Louis Pasteur in the 19th century and plays a fundamental role in food safety today. The pasteurization process of Berrak pickles preserves the taste and nutritional value of the products and maximizes hygiene.

Here are the main features and advantages of this process:

1) Microbial Safety: Pasteurization neutralizes harmful microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, mold, etc.) that may be present in pickles. This process extends the shelf life of foods and protects consumer health.

2) High Temperature, Short Time: During the pasteurization process, pickles are kept at high temperature for a certain period of time. This process is generally carried out at temperatures ranging from 60°C to 85°C. This short-term high temperature application ensures that nutritional values are largely preserved.

3) Preservation of Flavor: Pasteurization applied to Berrak pickles preserves the natural flavor profile of the products. High heat does not cause the taste and aroma components in the pickles to change, thus preserving the original flavors of the pickles.

4) Preservation of Nutritional Values: The pasteurization process preserves most of the vitamins and minerals contained in pickles. This ensures that pasteurized pickles are both delicious and nutritious.

5) Standards in Food Safety: Pasteurized products are produced in accordance with high standards in food safety. Berrak offers safe and quality products to consumers by applying this process meticulously.

Ways to Use Berrak Pasteurized Pickles in the Kitchen

1) In Salads: Chop your pickles and add them to your salads. It will be a colorful and delicious touch.

2) In Sandwiches and Burgers: Pasteurized pickle slices add extra flavor to sandwiches and burgers.

3) As an Accompaniment to Your Meal: You can provide flavor balance by serving it with hot dishes.

Enjoy Taste and Safety with Berrak

Berrak pasteurized pickles offer a perfect combination of modern technology and traditional flavors. The power of the pasteurization process ensures that these pickles are both delicious and safe for health. By carefully preparing each pickle jar, Berrak brings both taste and safety to your tables.

Berrak will continue to be the address of naturalness and quality for those who want to rediscover traditional pickle flavors with a modern touch.

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