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Special days are the times when we come together with our loved ones, make memories, and of course set tables full of delicious food. With the Berrak brand, it is possible to add elegance to your tables and make these special moments even more unforgettable. Berrak’s rich product range is diverse enough to appeal to all tastes. Here are stylish and delicious menu suggestions that you can prepare for your special occasions, focusing on Berrak products:


Starters: A Light Entry with Olive Oil Flavors

Artichoke Hearts with Olive Oil:

You can start your special days with artichoke hearts with olive oil. The aroma of Berrak olive oil and the lightness of artichokes offer both elegance and a light start to your table. You can make this starter even more special by marinating the artichokes with Berrak Olive Oil, lemon and spices of your choice.


Appetizers: Delicacies Flavored with Pickles

Mini Bruschettas with Pickles:

You can serve mini bruschettas that you can prepare using Berrak pickles. Prepare by adding olive oil, tomatoes, mozzarella and thinly sliced Berrak pickles onto small sliced baguettes. These mini bruschettas will add color and flavor to your table.


Beverage: One Final Touch

Berrak Turnip Juice Cocktail:

Complete your meal with a special cocktail that you can prepare with Berrak turnip juice. Offer your guests a different and refreshing drink by mixing Berrak turnip juice with fresh mint leaves, lemon slices and some soda.

Add elegance to your tables and make your special days even more special with the Berrak brand. Berrak’s rich product range allows you to customize every meal and experience delicious moments with your loved ones.

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