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Party and invitation tables create special moments that impress your guests and make you accumulate pleasant memories. It is important to make delicious and aesthetic presentations at these tables. Olives and pickles offer both visually appealing and flavorful options for such organizations. Here are some creative and practical ways to prepare eye-catching tables using Berrak products at party and invitation tables:

Various Olives: Create a variety of colors and flavors by offering Berrak’s peppery green olives and scratched olives together. Olives flavored with different marinades also enrich your table. It appeals to both the eyes and the stomach.


Colorful Pickles

Create a colorful and attractive table by using various pickles such as green pepper, beet, pickled corn on the cob, cucumber and cabbage, which Berrak has a wide range of products. Different colors and shapes increase the visual appeal of your table.


Olive and Pickle Skewers

Arrange olives and pickles on skewers to make it easier to present to your guests and make your table more elegant. Combine Berrak’s various olives with small cheese cubes and grapes and string them on skewers. This provides both an easy-to-eat and aesthetic presentation. You can also create colorful and eye-catching snacks by stringing pickles of different colors on skewers. Pickled peppers, pickled beets and small pickled cucumbers will look great on skewers.


Mini Sandwiches

You can prepare both delicious and practical snacks by using olives and pickles in mini sandwiches. Slice or crush Berrak’s peppery green olives and add them to mini sandwiches. Complete with fresh bread, cheese and a few slices of tomato. Or use Berrak’s products such as sauerkraut and pickled cucumber and add them to mini sandwiches. This will add extra flavor to your sandwiches.


Plate Arrangement

Display the olives and pickles by arranging them on a beautiful presentation plate or wooden serving board. You can create contrast between olives and pickles with cheese slices, nuts and fresh fruits.

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