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Traditional flavors are an important part of our culture and history. Each dish carries traces of the past and reflects values ​​passed down through generations. As Berrak family, we aim to carry this heritage to the future by preserving and keeping traditional tastes alive. So, how do we accomplish this important task? Here are the details:


Sticking to Traditional Recipes

Berrak takes care to stay true to traditional recipes when preparing its products. Recipes inherited from our grandmothers and grandfathers are prepared using old-fashioned methods, using natural and additive-free ingredients. In this way, each product carries the taste and texture of home-made flavors.


Natural and Additive-Free Products

One of the most important features of traditional flavors is that they are prepared with natural and additive-free ingredients. Berrak continues this tradition and does not use artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colorants in its products. This approach ensures that the products are both delicious and healthy.


Support for Local Producers

By supporting local producers, Berrak both revitalizes the local economy and contributes to the continuation of traditional agricultural methods. Products prepared with ingredients sourced from local producers ensure that traditional flavors remain authentic.


Traditional Product Range

Berrak’s product range consists of indispensable flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine. Products such as pickles, sauces and roasted vegetables are prepared using old-fashioned recipes and brought to your tables. Each product is a feast of taste that reflects the richness of our culture.


Modern Interpretation of Traditional Flavors

Berrak meets the needs of modern life while preserving traditional tastes. Traditional recipes are harmonized with modern cuisines, making them suitable for quick and practical use. Thus, you can enjoy traditional flavors even in your busy life.


Berrak assumes a great responsibility in protecting and keeping traditional tastes alive. Products prepared with natural and additive-free ingredients carry this heritage to future generations with the support and training provided to local producers. Preserving traditional tastes is not just a matter of taste, but also means maintaining a cultural value. Every flavor that comes to your tables with Berrak carries traces of the past and allows us to look to the future with hope.

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