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The limitation of resources and the increase in environmental problems around the world lead to significant changes in consumer behavior and production approaches in the food industry. Food is an integral part of our lives, and its sustainable production is of great importance for both our planet and public health. With increasing awareness, consumers now pay attention not only to the taste or price of the product, but also to how and where it is produced and the effects of this production on nature and humans. This introductory article aims to provide an in-depth look at the subject by discussing the concept of sustainable food, Berrak’s approach in this field and the transformation in consumer behavior.


What is Sustainable Food?

The concept of sustainability has become a prominent term in recent years, with the increase in consumer awareness and environmental awareness. However, what sustainability means for the food industry goes beyond a simple green approach. Food is a basic need for every individual, and its production, consumption and excretion have profound effects on the ecosystem.

Sustainable food covers food products that are produced, processed, distributed, and consumed, taking into account economic, social, and environmental factors. In the production of these products, it is essential to use natural resources efficiently and carefully. However, sustainable food also aims to provide farmers with a fair income and support communities. This approach also aims to reduce food waste and increase food security.

Sustainable food not only reduces our ecological footprint; it also aims to guarantee a world where future generations can meet their food needs. This concept contributes to building a balanced and fair food ecosystem by building a solid bridge between consumers, producers, and nature.


Berrak’s Sustainable Approach

Since its establishment, Berrak has been enriching tables with natural products obtained from Turkey’s rich and fertile lands. However, this richness is not limited to taste; Berrak embraces sustainability in food production by taking an active role in building a sustainable future.

In the steps it takes for sustainability, Berrak’s top priority is the principle of protecting and using natural resources in the best possible way. This principle applies to all processes, from the supply chain until the products reach the end consumer. In addition, the company adopts a fair and transparent approach in its relations with farmers through sustainable agricultural practices, encouraging them to work with sustainable methods.

Berrak’s understanding of sustainability is not limited to the environmental dimension. The brand also contributes to social sustainability with social responsibility projects. Training of employees, supporting local communities, and fair trade practices are just some of the brand’s activities in this field.

As a result, by embracing a sustainable future and taking steps in this direction, Berrak aims to offer quality and natural products not only to today’s tables but also to tomorrow’s tables. This approach reflects both the value the brand gives to consumers and its responsibility to nature. For more detailed information, you can review the sustainability page on our website.


Change in Consumer Behavior

In recent years, ecological, social, and economic transformations occurring on a global scale have brought about changes in consumer behavior. Nowadays, consumers pay attention not only to the price and quality of the products they buy but also to the production processes, environmental impacts, and social consequences of those products.

This new consumer awareness has brought about a great demand, especially for sustainability and environmentally friendly products. Many people wonder to what extent products use natural resources, what their carbon footprint is, and whether fair working conditions are provided during the production process.

At the same time, with the digital age, consumers demand a more transparent and interactive relationship with brands. Real reviews of products, consumer experiences, and the stories behind them have a significant impact on purchasing decisions.

As a result, today’s consumer behavior has become more conscious, questioning and giving importance to ethical values. This change requires brands to reconsider their values, production methods, and communication strategies. Consumers demand not only quality products but also products that create value and comply with ethical standards.

The concept of sustainable food not only aims to protect the environment but also brings economic and social benefits. Taking these three elements into consideration, Berrak has placed the principle of sustainability at the center of its business model.

Sustainable food culture shapes the tables of the future. As consumers, we can both protect our planet and provide access to healthier foods by choosing products based on sustainability principles. By adopting this mission, Berrak continues to offer consumers the best and most sustainable food products.

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