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Family meals offer special moments that reflect the warmth and love of home, filled with recipes passed down from generation to generation. You can add a new taste to your tables by enriching these recipes with Berrak’s quality and delicious products. Here are ways to make your traditional flavors even more delicious with Berrak products:


A Touch of Berrak Olive Oil to Olive Oil Dishes

You can add extra flavor and health to your olive oil dishes by using Berrak olive oil. The pure and natural taste of Berrak olive oil will enhance the taste of your food, especially in light and nutritious dishes such as artichokes with olive oil. When making artichokes with olive oil, the lemon sauce you prepare with Berrak olive oil will add a refreshing touch to the dish.


Color Your Salads with Pickled Delicacies

You can add extra crunch and flavor to your salad by adding chopped Berrak gherkins to the Shepherd’s salad. The sour and salty taste of the pickle is in perfect harmony with the naturalness of fresh vegetables. Additionally, the Berrak pickles you serve with your salad will add color and variety to your table.


Enrich Your Meat Dishes with Berrak Tomato Sauce

Enrich your meat sauté recipe with Berrak tomato sauce. The dense and delicious structure of the Berrak tomato sauce will further deepen the taste of the meat. After sautéing the meat, add Berrak tomato sauce and cook over low heat. This will make your dish’s sauce tastier and become your family’s favorite.


Strengthen Your Marinades with Turnip Juice

You can make your meat more delicious and tender by marinating lamb skewers with Berrak turnip juice. The natural acidic structure of turnip juice breaks down the fibers of the meat, making it more tender and delicious. You can get a great taste by cooking marinated lamb skewers on the barbecue or grill.


Add Berrak Breakfast Sauces to Your Breakfast Tables

Enrich your menemen recipe, an indispensable part of your breakfast table, with Berrak breakfast sauces. Berrak hot pepper sauce or tomato sauce that you add to the menemen will add an extra taste and aroma to your meal. Additionally, the Berrak breakfast sauces you serve at your breakfast table will become your family’s favorite.


Enjoy Different Tastes with Rice and Pickles

You can get a different flavor by adding chopped Berrak pickles to your rice. The pickles you add to the rice will add a sour and crispy touch to your meal. Additionally, rice with pickles will be a great side dish that you can serve with main dishes.


Add Extra Flavor to Your Stuffed Stuffed Vegetables with Olive Oil

You can make your meal more delicious by using Berrak olive oil in your olive oil stuffed vine leaves recipe. The natural and light taste of olive oil is a perfect match for your stuffed stuffing. Stuffed vegetables prepared with Berrak olive oil will be indispensable for your tables.

Berrak products help you make the meal moments you spend with your family more enjoyable by enriching your traditional recipes. With these small touches, you can offer unforgettable tastes to your loved ones. Enjoy your meal!


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