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Hosting guests requires stylish and impressive table arrangements as well as delicious food. Pickles and appetizers are a perfect way to surprise your guests by adding both flavor and visual appeal to your tables. As Berrak, we have compiled the best table arrangement tips and pickle-appetizer combinations for you.


Prepare a Colorful and Various Appetizer Plate

When preparing an appetizer plate, you can add a visual feast to your table by using colorful and various appetizers. Berrak’s products such as roasted peppers, spicy paste, and roasted eggplants are ideal for such plates. You can get a rich presentation with colors and tastes. You can increase the variety by adding appetizers such as olive oil dishes, hummus, and haydari to the appetizer plates.


Colorful and Delicious Tables with Pickle Varieties

Pickles add value to your tables in terms of both taste and visuality. You can offer different tastes to your guests with Berrak’s various pickles (sauerkraut, gherkin pickle, hot pepper pickle). You can increase the aesthetics of your table by serving pickles in small bowls or on stylish plates.


Maintain Balance at the Table

Achieve balance by adding main dishes and complementary foods to your table alongside pickles and appetizers. You can create a balanced table with light main dishes, dense appetizers and pickles. For example, you can serve artichokes with olive oil or grilled vegetables as a main course, and you can also enrich your table with Berrak’s pickles.


Use Creativity in Presentation

You can make your table more interesting by making creative presentations when presenting appetizers and pickles. Pickles served in small jars, appetizers served on colorful plates, or food arranged on natural wooden serving boards can visually enrich your table.


Complete with Tableware Decoration

You can use decorative elements to complete the general layout of your table. You can increase the aesthetics of your table with colorful napkins, stylish water glasses, natural plants or flowers. A small flower arrangement placed in the center of your table is a simple but effective way to impress your guests.

It is a great idea to use pickles and appetizers to prepare both delicious and aesthetically impressive tables when hosting your guests. The tables you prepare with Berrak products will give your guests an unforgettable experience. Use your creativity to create colorful and balanced tables and surprise your guests!

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