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Our kitchens are like a unique art workshop where we can discover the seasonal flavors that nature offers us and prepare creative dishes with these flavors. As a part of this art, Berrak has undertaken the mission of adding freshness, color and diversity to our kitchens throughout the year with its pickles and breakfast sauces. Recipes prepared with seasonal products and the difference that Berrak products add to our kitchens help us solve the secret of healthy and delicious meals.


Fresh Breath of Spring

Spring is the time for nature’s reawakening and fresh starts in our kitchens. In this season, Berrak’s wide variety of pickles highlights light and refreshing flavors. For example, adding Berrak gherkin pickle to a spring salad prepared with green beans, peas and early harvest vegetables adds an extra dimension of crunch and flavor to the salad. This combination brings the green of spring to your plates and invites the freshness of the season to your tables.


Under the Summer Sun

Summer is the season of abundance and abundance. Summer vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, when blended with Berrak tomato sauces, bring a Mediterranean breeze to your tables. For example, a summer grill prepared by grilling vegetables marinated in Berrak garlic pickle juice the night before offers a delicious and healthy main course alternative. These dishes will add color to your summer tables and make you feel the warmth of the sun in every bite.


Abundance of Autumn

Autumn enriches our kitchens with the depth of colors and flavors. Seasonal products such as zucchini, mushrooms and root vegetables, when combined with Berrak’s hot sauces, turn into dishes that warm us up against cold weather conditions. Adding a little Berrak hot sauce over roasted fall vegetables adds a sweet and spicy balance to these dishes, while also highlighting the rich flavors of fall.


Warm Touches of Winter

During the winter months, pickles and preserves play an important role when fresh vegetables and fruits decrease in our kitchens. By adding Berrak’s mixed pickles to winter soups and stews, you can add a sour flavor and richness to your meals, as well as providing a warming comfort on cold winter days. Additionally, Berrak breakfast sauces spread on hot bread for breakfast will brighten up your winter mornings with a sweet start.


Practicing seasonal culinary art with Berrak products throughout the year not only prepares healthy and delicious meals, but also allows us to adapt to the rhythm of nature. While each season offers the opportunity to discover new tastes with Berrak’s rich product range, recipes prepared with seasonal products enrich and diversify our nutritional routine. Discover the freshness and diversity offered by the seasons in your kitchen with Berrak, and turn each of your meals into a feast of taste.

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