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Pickles have been decorating our tables as an indispensable side dish in world cuisines for centuries. This magnificent flavor, which can accompany any meal with its sour and spicy taste, leaves unforgettable marks on the palate when served with various dishes. This unique harmony of pickles with main dishes actually has a rich history. Here are some information about the main dishes in which pickles are most delicious and the history of this unique harmony:


Kebabs and Grills

Pickles are one of the most common side dishes for kebabs and grilled meats. Pickles have a very special place in the kebab culture, which extends from Central Asia to Anatolia and from there to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. The reason why pickles are so compatible with meat dishes is that their sourness balances the fatty texture of the meat and freshens the mouth. The origins of this adaptation date back to ancient times, when people began pickling as a method of preserving their food.


Rice and Pastas

Pickles offer a wonderful sourness and freshness alongside a rich rice or a richly sauced pasta dish. Especially in Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisines, it is common to serve a small plate of pickles alongside rice. Pairing pickles with these dishes makes these carbohydrate-heavy meals lighter and easier to digest.


Olive Oil and Vegetable Dishes

Pickles served with olive oil vegetable dishes create a flavor contrast and add depth to the meal. It is a traditional practice in Aegean and Mediterranean cuisines to serve pickles with dishes such as olive oil stuffed vegetables or beans. The reason behind this harmony is that the sourness of the pickle creates a perfect balance with the richness of the olive oil.


Sandwiches and Hamburgers

Pickles, which are among the indispensable parts of modern fast food culture such as sandwiches and hamburgers, add depth to the flavor profile of these dishes. The fact that pickles are so compatible with sandwiches and hamburgers actually developed in parallel with the fast food culture that spread rapidly in America and Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries.



In some cuisines, it is customary to serve pickles, especially with cold soups. In Eastern European and Russian cuisines, serving pickles with cold borscht is proof that sourness and freshness are in perfect harmony with the soup.

The history, cultural habits and gastronomic tastes behind why pickles are so compatible with main dishes have been shaped over centuries. More than just a garnish, pickles are a cultural heritage that provides flavor, freshness and balance on our tables. Each pickle jar actually brings this rich historical and cultural heritage to our tables.


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