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Sunny Side Up Egg Bread with Dobipa Spread

Sunny Side Up Egg Bread with Dobipa Spread

We reinterpret the traditional egg bread with the unique taste of Berrak Dobipa Breakfast Spread. With this recipe, your breakfast pleasure will turn into a feast. ... Sunny side up egg bread is a practical and delicious recipe in which eggs are baked by placing them inside a piece of bread, and it is frequently preferred especially for breakfast. So, how about adding a brand new flavor to sunny side up egg bread? Berrak Dobipa, an indispensable part of breakfasts, meets with egg bread and a unique taste emerges. Here is the recipe:


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Toast the bread. Spread Berrak Dobipa Breakfast Spreadon it.

Place the sunny side up eggs that you cooked in butter last.

Sprinkle with fresh thyme and serve without waiting.

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