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Herby and Spicy Dobipa Omelet

Herby and Spicy Dobipa Omelet

Rediscover the traditional omelette recipe with the unique taste of Berrak Dobipa Spicy Breakfast Spread. The combination of fresh herbs with the soft omelet texture will take your breakfasts to the next level.

While preparing this omelette, you can make the most of the taste of Berrak Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the aroma of fresh herbs. A perfect option to start an energetic day. Enjoy your meal!


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Heat the olive oil in a pan and sauté the sliced mushrooms. Add Berrak Dobipa Spicy Breakfast Spread and remove from the stove.

Mix the chopped herbs and beaten eggs thoroughly in a bowl.

Melt the butter in the pan in which you will cook the omelette and pour the herb-egg mixture. Start cooking on medium-low heat.

When the omelette is cooked, spread the mushroom and spicy breakfast paste mixture on half of it, sprinkle grated cheese on it and fold it in half. Remove it from the stove after 1-2 minutes and serve without waiting.

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